Dr. Tosoni is, first and foremost, a medical physician and as such, will only recommend treatments that will be beneficial for your specific situation and needs. She prides herself on her honesty and integrity and is a true patient advocate. Whatever the treatment, she will always put your safety and best interest before anything else.

Dr. Tosoni

Cosmetic Medicine is the ONLY focus of her full-time medical practice. She has diligently worked to develop an in-depth understanding of the aging process, and knows how to use each treatment alternative (alone or in combination) to best address your specific concerns. Her dedication to the art and science of cosmetic medicine provides you with the most up-to-date and comprehensive treatments available.

Her commitment to excellence has been the key to her successful practice and stellar reputation, both amongst her peers and with her patients.

Years of extensive training and decades of daily hands-on experience truly set her apart from other injectors, not just in Ottawa, but throughout Canada.  She dedicates 100% of her time and energy to cosmetic medicine to ensure that every treatment she performs is nothing but the very best option and that the ultimate outcome provides the most benefits for her patients.

It is with this kind of dedication and experience, combined with her innate artistic sense, that she aims to deliver refined, youthful, and natural results to every single patient she treats. Her commitment to her skills training and her accumulated knowledge far exceeds those experimenting with medical aesthetics a few hours per week and cannot possibly be compared to injectors pretending to be experts in this area of medicine after a weekend introductory course. It is her 19 years of hands-on experience and constant focus that makes the difference between delivering good results and exceptional ones!

Dr. Tosoni performs ALL Botox®, Filler, Soft Lift®, Beautiphication assessments, comprehensive treatment plans, actual treatments, and follow-ups herself. Therefore, her skills and expertise are part of every single treatment you will received at TosoniMD. She is always pleased to answer all questions related to your treatment or medical aesthetic needs. Her years of experience mean you are in safe hands during every procedure.

Dr. Tosoni Working
If you’re interested in learning more about how Dr. Tosoni can help you achieve the lasting natural, refined beauty you want, please call us today to book an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!