Dr. Tosoni is honoured to be Ottawa’s favourite cosmetic clinic
by FACES Magazine!

Top Cosmetic Clinic

Allergan Triple Diamond Award

Dr. Caroline Tosoni has been nationally recognized for four consecutive years (2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017) with the Double Diamond Award and in 2018, she became one out of a select few in Canada to be awarded the Triple Diamond Status by Allergan in recognition of her exemplary work with Botox® and Juvederm®. She is one the of the few physicians in the country (and the only physician in Ottawa) to have achieved this status. This means that she has more advanced training, more knowledge, greater skills, and has injected more Botox Cosmetic patients than the clear majority of physicians in Canada. She is considered by the industry to be in the top 1% of all physician injectors.

Rated Ottawa’s Top Cosmetic Clinic in 2014

Top Cosmetic Clinic of 2014 in Ottawa

In 2014, TosoniMD was recognized as the city’s Top Cosmetic Clinic by the Top Choice Awards, an award based on respondent nominations. Here’s what the Top Choice Awards had to say:

“Top Choice Awards is honoured to announce that TosoniMD has been voted Top Cosmetic Clinic of 2014 in the City of Ottawa.

The results were collected during the proprietary Canada’s Top Choice Awards 2014 Survey. Which asked respondents to nominate their Top Choice in a variety of categories based on quality, service, value, and professionalism. This survey has also been conducted in other cities in Canada, identifying over 900 top businesses, professionals, and media receiving over 250,000 votes.

It is clear that whenever people have a choice, they prefer to deal with businesses and professional who are trusted by consumers.

The Top Choice Award™ is the ‘Mark of Excellence’ worn by today’s leading businesses and professionals, representing the trust and loyalty that they have earned from the people they serve.

On behalf of the people who voted, we would like to thank you for your contributions to your city and would like to present to you the 2014 Top Choice Award; the recognition you truly deserve.

Congratulations and welcome to the Top!”

Top Cosmetic Clinic of 2014 in the City of Ottawa