Does Thermage Really Work?

Understanding This Popular Skin Tightening Treatment As we age, our skin tends to look more drawn as we lose that contoured look along our jawline. Smile lines become more apparent, and sagging skin is frustratingly more common. If only your skin could retain that tight, firm appearance! We’ve got some […]

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The Role of Retinoic Acid in Skin Rejuvenation

And Why Tosoni MD’s Vitalize Peels are the Best Treatment Are you interested in younger, brighter, clearer skin? You’re not alone. There are many treatment options available to help you achieve these goals. Vitalize peels, however, sometimes get overlooked in favour of other treatments—but there’s a key benefit that should […]

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Guest Blog: Yes I Tried Botox. And This Is Why I’ll Keep Doing It

Hollie bares all about her Botox experience It was totally out of the blue when it happened. I was glancing in the mirror one day, when I noticed wrinkles. And not just like one, but a whole bunch, in three separate locations. I wasn’t totally horrified – I whole-heartedly agree […]

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Dermaplaning Explained

A Safe, Affordable, Minimally-Invasive Solution to Dull-Looking Skin Have you heard of this non-invasive beauty trend? Dermaplaning is a simple and effective method of exfoliation that gets rid of dead skin cells, debris, and fine hairs fast for smoother, more radiant looking skin. And at only 30 minutes per session, […]

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Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About SkinCeuticals

Discover What This Effective Skincare Line Has to Offer Scientists and dermatologists have carefully designed SkinCeuticals products to be the one of the best preventative approach to skincare. This high-end brand medical skincare lines focuses on science-based formulas for optimally healthy skin and is used by dermatologists, physicians, and medi-spas. […]

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Guest Blog: Interview with Dr. Caroline Tosoni

Dr. Caroline Tosoni Answers Questions About Her Practice, Popular Treatments, Misconceptions About the Beauty Industry, and More! As you have seen on my blog, I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Tosoni here in Ottawa. I have enjoyed every minute of it and I am SO happy I […]

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