Fraxel Laser Treatments: What are the Benefits?

Fraxel is a popular treatment amongst Ottawa patients at our practice and rightfully so. The treatment is a non-ablative method to resurface the skin, without taking off a full layer. So why consider treatment in the fall and winter months? Compared to ablative techniques such as dermabrasion and laser resurfacing, Fraxel […]

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What are the Different Lip Treatments Options?

Many women want a gorgeous, full pout, but are scared that lip treatments may give them an unwanted appearance of over-inflated or uneven lips. There is no excuse for any injector to give anyone the feared duck lips. Dermal fillers have evolved and are better than ever for lip enhancement. […]

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Fall…The Best Time for an IPL Treatment?

If you were less then kind to your face this summer and now are dealing with sun damaged skin, the fall months are an ideal time to start repairing the damage with IPL treatments. Additionally, those with acne prone skin or those who have fine lines and wrinkles can also […]

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It Isn’t Vain to Treat Veins

At this time of the year, many people look for  varicose and spider leg vein treatments. My practice is equipped to help with both problems. Spider veins and larger varicose veins are very common concerns among women and men, and many have questions about what can be done to correct […]

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Laser Genesis V: The Complexion Laser

At my Ottawa clinic, BOTOX® remains the most popular option for the prevention and treatment of fine lines. However, since introducing Laser Genesis V into my practice last September, it has been gaining popularity very quickly and is now becoming a go to treatment for those who are looking for overall […]

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Hydrating Facials for the Perfect Summer Glow

At my clinic, we offer various facials to help patients achieve the radiant, youthful look that’s perfect for summer. While some turn to laser skin resurfacing for Ottawa skin rejuvenation treatments, sometimes all one needs is a facial for a refreshed appearance. Below are some ways that you can incorporate facials […]

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