Double Chin Be Gone! Belkyra versus CoolMini

Up until 5 months ago patients with excess submental fat, commonly referred to as double chin, had no other alternatives other than to live with it or have invasive procedures (surgery or liposuction) to redefine their jaw line. This is all in the past now as Health Canada recently approved […]

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Anti-Aging Diet for Your Skin

Brad Pitt has received a lot of press recently for something that has nothing to do with his acting career. A recent appearance at the Golden Globes had everyone wondering how the 52 year old actor suddenly looked so much younger. Pitt seems to have found the fountain of youth […]

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Taking Control of Your Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are often brought on by one specific trigger or by the combination of several factors. Although broad categories of triggers are known, not all who suffer from migraines share the same triggers. In fact, most migrainers are likely to have their own specific list of triggers. Migraine triggers […]

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Rosacea Management 2016: Real Progress

Rosacea may sound like a benign skin condition to those who do not have it, but anyone who does will tell them differently. Affecting over 5% of the world’s population, not only can Rosacea be painful, but it can also cause acute embarrassment, poor self esteem and adversely affect patients’ […]

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“Spider Veins Be Gone”

We’ve all seen them — those red squiggly lines and bulging purple ropes that make your legs look less than ideal in a skirt, shorts or bathing suit. Spider veins, and their more hateful cousin varicose veins, are the bane of existence for many. In fact, over 50% of women […]

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Let’s Get Personal

For my first blog of the year, I thought I would do something completely different. For those who have known me for a while, you already know that one of my favorite pastimes outside of work is reading novels. I usually have 2 books on the go: one that I […]

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