Fat Reduction Treatment Options

Freeze Away Fat with CoolSculpting® in Ottawa Do you have pockets of stubborn fat that seem immune to good diet and exercise? I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard friends, family members and patients complain about their “muffin top” or “back fat” or the dreaded little “spare tire” and […]

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When Should I Consider Injectable Fillers?

Can Injectable Temporary Lip Fillers Help You? If they can, what’s the right time to start facial fillers? These are questions many medical cosmetic professionals hear from their patients. They want to know what the right age is for fillers, temporary lip fillers, and longer-lasting injectable options. Often, they’re seeking […]

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Double Chin Be Gone!

How Belkyra™ Compares to CoolMini® Treatment For far too long, patients with excess submental fat, commonly referred to as a double chin, had no other alternatives other than to live with it or have invasive procedures (surgery or liposuction) to redefine their jaw line. This is all in the past […]

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Dispelling Botox® Myths

What You Need To Know About Facial Rejuvenation When new Ottawa Botox® patients come to my practice for a facial rejuvenation treatment, they often have preconceived ideas of what facial and lip Botox® can and cannot achieve for them. While some are well-informed that Botox® is a safe, non-permanent treatment […]

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Eye Rejuvenation and Tear Trough Fillers

Our eyes aren’t just the focal point of our faces. They convey to others how we feel, whether we’re happy, sad, energized, or tired. Unfortunately, because the skin around the eyes is so delicate and thin, it is especially vulnerable to age-related changes and is one of the first places […]

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Shining Light On The Soft Lift

Dr. Tosoni Discusses Soft Lift™ Treatments Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox® and Juvederm®, has done a phenomenal job at increasing awareness for the Soft Lift™ treatment. It seems that everyone has seen the posters for this treatment, either in the physician’s office, magazines, TV ads, or through countless websites. Janet, […]

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