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Dr. Caroline Tosoni Answers Questions About Her Practice, Popular Treatments, Misconceptions About the Beauty Industry, and More!

As you have seen on my blog, I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Tosoni here in Ottawa. I have enjoyed every minute of it and I am SO happy I get to share with you an exclusive interview I did with her here on my own blog! We talk about her practice, her experience and the cosmetic industry. Let’s jump right in!


Chantal: How long have you been practicing?

Dr. Tosoni: I graduated from Medicine at McMaster University in 1995. Following this, I did my Residency in Family Medicine from 1995-1998 at the University of Ottawa. I officially started my practice in Family Medicine July 2nd, 1998. So I have been in practice for almost 20 years already! In January 2000, I went to Houston, Texas and obtained my certification in Sclerotherapy, which is the treatment of leg veins. This is what started my cosmetic practice. This is around the same time that Botox was approved in Canada for cosmetic use, and Allergan the makers of Botox, knocked on my door in 2000 to train me on how to perform Botox injections, so I could start offering it in my clinic. There were just a handful of physicians in Ottawa and Ontario for that matter who were offering this service at the time. I accepted and I loved it instantly. The Art. The Science. The interaction with the patients. Making individuals feel good about themselves. I never looked back, embarking on my new vocational journey. First Sclerotherapy, then Botox, Fillers, Microdermabrasion, Chemical peels, IPL, Medical Skin Care, Fraxel, Thermage, Laser Genesis, Coolsculpting and most recently Microneedling.


Chantal: What inspired you to open your own clinic?

Dr. Tosoni: I was never one to work for someone else. I have always had an entrepreneurial mind. I am a hard worker and I am not averse to taking calculated risks. When I first started offering medical cosmetic services, my office was located in a medical center with a common waiting room for several medical physicians. Recognizing that patients who were coming to see me were not sick and were paying a significant amount of money for their services, I wanted to offer them an elegant space to do so.

So in 2002, my husband and I found a larger, nicer space in Orleans and opened what was at the time the very first medical spa in Eastern Ontario owned and operated full time by a physician on site. We started with the 2 of us, myself as the medical director and provider of all medical aesthetic services, my husband as the manager and customer care specialist. We also had 3 aestheticians to help with all other non-medical aesthetics services such as facials, pedicures and manicures.

In 2007, we bought land in Orleans and built a 10,000 square foot commercial space and expanded our medical spa to occupy 5,500 square feet of this place. By 2012, we now had 35 employees, a fully operational and successful medical spa and hair salon. After 10 years, my husband and I decided that we were ready for another chapter in our lives. He wanted to do his MBA and I wanted to go smaller. Having 35 employees took a lot of our time managing and I wanted to focus on what I loved to do and focus only on a purely Cosmetic Dermatology practice. I also wanted to have a more central location. So we sold our big spa and I opened TosoniMD in the Byward Market within a smaller space (1,400 sq foot) and only 2 employees. It was the best decision I made in my medical career. This move has allowed me to focus on everything that I want career-wise.


Chantal: What sets you apart from other clinics?

Dr. Tosoni: My experience. I have been doing this for 18 years. I have focused 100% of my practice in non-surgical medical aesthetics and do it 5 days a week, 9:30-5pm. No one else (physician or nurse injectors alike) seems to commit to practicing this on a full-time basis in Ottawa. They split their time between several different roles.

I have a Triple Diamond Clinic. The very first clinic in Ottawa to ever reach this level of achievement. There are maybe a few other Triple Diamond Clinics in the rest of Ontario, and only a handful in all of Canada. This means that I provide more Botox and Juvederm injections than most injectors in all of the country.

The fact that I am a physician and that I do all injectable consults, treatments plans, administer treatments and follow-ups myself. Many other clinics hire nurses, are not on site and use Skype to delegate the treatment. This is completely unacceptable to me. Even if I were to hire a nurse in the future, I would always be on site.

My training. Because of the years of experience and level of achievement, I have had the privilege of being invited to very exclusive advanced training courses that are only offered to a select few in the country. This has allowed me to constantly be at the forefront of the new techniques and knowledge in this industry.

I am a woman. The population receiving the services I offer is about a 90% female to 10% male ratio. I believe that this sets me apart in the sense that I understand my clients. I have received all the services I offer at my clinic. I understand what they feel like. I understand what it feels like as a woman to not want to look tired, to age and to keep smooth, young looking skin.

My skills. I have always had an artistic eye and I get how Botox and Filler work better than most. I can see the results in my head before I do the injections. I am very good at correcting volume loss or creating youthful curves with dermal filler.

My injection style. I provide natural looking results. We live in Ottawa, not Hollywood. Clients here want to look refreshed but they don’t want anyone else to know that they had anything done. Whether its lips, cheeks or softening wrinkles, the results I provide my patients with always look very natural and refined.

Catherine has been with me for 15 years. I have a very small team but they are amazing. The attention we provide to clients is superior to many others. Her knowledge about my services is unparalleled.

We run on time. It may be a detail but so many clinics do not respect patients’ time. We do.

Our location. We offer our service in a central location and our clinic, although small, is elegant and clean.


Chantal: How do you stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and procedures?

Dr. Tosoni: In addition to what I mentioned, I attend multiple training opportunities and conferences a year. Some local but most are national and international. I am also part of a group of 60-70 of the most experienced cosmetic physicians (GP’s like myself, Derm and Plastic Surgeons) in Canada who regularly share (via email and in person when at the same meetings) our knowledge as well as various and invaluable information amongst ourselves about technologies, products, cases, news in the world in relation to medical aesthetics.


Chantal: What is your favourite procedure in Medical Aesthetics?

Dr. Tosoni: My favourite procedure is by far Botox injections. I love the ease and the safety of it, but I also love the results it can provide to patients when well understood. In the 18 years I have been injecting it, Botox injections have greatly evolved. We no longer use it to freeze expressions, we use it to soften expression lines, for prevention of wrinkles and for baby botox in the younger patients. We use it to reshape the lower face, to open up the eyes, to correct a gummy smile, to help with the neckline and strong platysma bands. We also use it for excessive sweating, to help with jaw clenching and headaches.


Chantal: What would you say is the most popular service people are seeking?

Dr. Tosoni: At this time Botox for injectables and Microneedling for non-injectable treatment.


Chantal: What is your approach to the work that you do? From getting to know you I’d say you believe that less is more?

Dr. Tosoni: Yes, absolutely- less is more and achieving the end results in steps. I am always aiming for natural results. This is why my tagline is: Refined. Youthful. Natural. I think it defines exactly my approach to my work.


Chantal: What would you like prospective patients to know about your clinic?

Dr. Tosoni: That we are a small boutique clinic and we care about every single patient that walks through our door. We aim at excellent service from the moment they step into our clinic to the time they leave and beyond. No one is a number at our clinic. We are a small team of mature professionals with each of us having over 15 year’s experience in the industry.


Chantal: Are there any misconceptions about medical aesthetics that you’d like to clear up?

Dr. Tosoni: The main one I think is that you don’t have to look fake to look good. It’s very feasible to receive treatments without looking overdone or even just done. A little bit can go a long way. The other one is that you can’t come in and do 1 treatment or one series then never come back and expect the results to be maintained. Skin requires ongoing maintenance and daily good skin care. The same as getting your hair colour done, your nails, your eyelashes, the skin is in constant change and needs to be treated daily with skin care and every few months or so with either Botox, IPL, or another laser.


Chantal: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Dr. Tosoni: Making patients feel better about themselves and seeing them smile when leaving my office.


Chantal: What is your favourite beauty quote?

Dr. Tosoni: It’s one by Eleanor Roosevelt: ‘’Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful older people are works of art.’’

I would like to thank Dr. Tosoni for doing this interview. I think it’s important to do your research before accepting any treatment, and Dr. Tosoni being so open to sharing her experience and giving out information shows you can trust her. Dr. Tosoni also offers a wide range of services at her clinic:

  • Injectables (Botox, dermal fillers, Belkyra)
  • Laser Treatments
  • Microneedling
  • Coolsculpting
  • Peels

Professionally she is so well educated, has years of experience and the proper technology and products at her clinic. But best of all I can tell you that from getting to know her since November that she is an amazing person. She is extremely kind, patient and caring. As a woman I admire other women who work hard and who do things independently, as well as who are educated and overall a genuine person. Dr. Tosoni is all of those things and more, I really admire her.

If you would like some information on medical aesthetic services offered at Dr. Tosoni’s clinic you can visit her website by clicking here and get in touch with them. You can also read two other articles I did in collaboration with Dr. Tosoni. Click here to view my experience getting Botox injections with her and click here to read all about Latisse eyelash serum!

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Chantal Seguin and Dr. Caroline Tosoni

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*Article originally published on Opal Frame by Chantal Seguin on January 14, 2019.

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