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At my Ottawa clinic, BOTOX® remains the most popular option for the prevention and treatment of fine lines. However, since introducing Laser Genesis V into my practice last September, it has been gaining popularity very quickly and is now becoming a go to treatment for those who are looking for overall improved skin complexion.

What is Laser Genesis V?

Laser Genesis V is a non-ablative skin laser treatment that is recommended for those with uneven skin texture, dilated pores as well as for those wishing to reduce the appearance of rosacea and diffuse redness and fine wrinkles. Laser Genesis V is excellent at reducing dilated pores on and around the nose as well as the vertical fines lines on the cheeks and around the mouth. It also reduces the crow’s feet around the eyes. This can be done alone or in combination with BOTOX.

The treatment works by gently heating the upper dermis (which is well below the skin’s surface) with micro second pulses. The controlled bulk heating stimulates collagen regrowth to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores. In addition, the generated heat is absorbed by dilated capillaries, resulting in reduced redness of the skin.

What Makes Laser Genesis V a Treatment of Choice?

The Laser Genesis V treatment hand piece allows us to treat every inch, curve and crease of the face that is not covered by the protective laser eye shields. This makes it an especially good option for those wanting to reduce the fine lines that are close to the lip borders or close to the eyes.

The Laser Genesis V  helps with overall redness and flushing seen with patients with acne rosacea. At my practice, I treat several patients with acne and rosacea and when we combine medical therapy with Laser Genesis treatments, and the results are faster and more impressive.

Laser Genesis V requires no downtime. Other than slight redness that quickly dissipates after the treatments, there are virtually no side effects from this treatment. It is a true lunch time procedure (30 minutes) and can easily be performed immediately before a special occasion without any worries. It can be performed on the face, neck and chest, and there is no pre-treatment need for numbing gel or pain medication or post-treatment skin care other than going back to using your sunblock and individualized skin care regime.

Laser Genesis V provides an instant glow and tight feeling to the skin even after just one treatment. However, best results are achieved after a series of five to six treatments. Because it is such a safe treatment, it can be repeated as quickly on a weekly basis but will also work if the treatments are spaced monthly.

Also, Laser Genesis V can safely and comfortably be performed on men, as long as their face is clean shaven.

Unlike most other lasers,  Laser Genesis V is a completely safe skin rejuvenation treatment for all skin types – even dark or tanned skin.  The treatment can be performed safely even throughout the sun-filled summer months when peels, IPL and Fraxel treatments are usually not recommended. The Laser Genesis V is very reasonably priced and therefore is an easy go-to-complexion laser treatment as an adjunct to your overall skin care maintenance regime.

If you are considering this treatment, contact our office and we will schedule an in-person consultation with you to further understand your aesthetic goals and create a treatment plan that is tailored to you.

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Dr. Caroline Tosoni pursued her Medical Degree at McMaster University and completed her post-graduate medical residency in Family Medicine through the University of Ottawa in 1998. Fluently bilingual in French and English, she opened her medical practice in Ottawa in July of 1998. Since 2000, Dr. Tosoni has focused her medical practice on Cosmetic Dermatology and has received extensive training and obtained multiple certifications in various medical cosmetic enhancement procedures such as Phlebology, Botox® Cosmetic, Dermal Fillers, SoftLift,™ BeautiPhication,™ Belkyra injections, CoolSculpting,™ Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Laser Medicine. Dr. Caroline Tosoni is also proficient in the treatment of Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and Migraine Headaches with Botox® Therapeutic. In 2015, Dr. Tosoni’s practice officially received a Focused Practice in Dermatology designation by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and the Ontario Medical Association.