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BEAUTIPHICATION: Proportion and Harmony through injections

I would like to share with you my newly learned approach to non-surgical facial enhancement called BEAUTIPHICATION. This is a concept that was developed by Dr. Arthur Swift, a plastic surgeon in Montreal and I am extremely privileged to have been offered to study this revolutionary approach, taught by Dr. Swift himself.

In the earliest days of non-surgical medical aesthetics, the tendency was to “chase lines”. By this I mean that both patients and physicians alike were satisfied with filling in the laugh lines with dermal fillers and reducing the frown lines with Botox. This may have helped a few patients look more rested but it also created many “flat faces” and did not serve the best interest of all clients.

As the field of medical aesthetic evolved and the understanding of the aging process improved, the tendency changed and most experienced medical aesthetic physicians adopted a more global approach when treating their patients. Volume loss and dynamic wrinkles in the upper, middle and lower thirds of the face were now precisely addressed. Temples, cheeks and chin areas were individually treated as well. This resulted in a significant improvement in the restoration of youthful facial curves, volume and shape.

BEAUTIPHICATION is a revolutionary approach that goes beyond this.

The premise behind BEAUTIPHICATION is that seeking beauty is more than restoring youthfulness and lost volume, it is also about restoring pleasing facial proportions.

Dr. Swift explains: BEAUTIPHICATION is an injection facial procedure that follows mathematical principles of beauty and harmony through “divine” proportions. It is a medical application of the concept that ideal beauty might be a universal notion, provable by the mathematical concept of PHI, also known as the Golden Ratio.
Having an astute artistic sense is of upmost importance when treating a patient with Dermal Filler and Botox, however when the goal in mind is to achieve optimal proportions and achieving the most beautiful facial features they can have, one also has to follow the rules of PHI. There is something mathematical about beauty. Architects and designers all over the world have known this for centuries and have used use PHI in their creative work, always pleasing the eyes of their viewers.

With his BEAUTIPHICATION approach, Dr. Swift has now integrated and adapted this principle to non-surgical medical aesthetics. He has revealed why some faces are more beautiful than others and it is all about PHI. PHI proportions are found all over the entirety of “beautiful faces”. PHI defines the beautiful brow, the beautiful lips and the perfect position of the cheek’s apex.

By following the BEAUTIPHICATION approach, I am now able to map out with a caliper, a measurement tool, or with precise line drawings based on my patient’s specific facial features, exactly where they need volume restoration. This technique allows me to maximize a person’s beauty potential by restoring symmetry, harmony and balance.

The goal is not to make one look younger but in fact, to make one look the most beautiful she can be regardless of their age. With the BEAUTIPHICATION approach, both young and more mature clients can optimize their beauty.

This is very exciting to me and I look forward to demonstrating to you, in my office, where and how we can optimize the natural beauty of your individual face.

To learn more on the specifics of BEAUTIPHICATION, click here.

Disclosure: The content of this blog is based on my preceptorship sessions with Dr. Swift.

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