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Hand Rejuvenation

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Women today are usually aware of how skin texture and volume loss in the face can make them look older. In order to maintain a youthful glow, they are both motivated and willing to put the time, money and effort into correcting these signs of facial aging whether through proper skincare, non-surgical procedures or a combination of the two. However, too many women, in my opinion, neglect the skin and general appearance of their hands. I have come to realize through my years of practice that even if women are unhappy with the wrinkles, age spots and visible veins on their hands, very few are even aware that I can help them with any or all of these issues.

On any given day, our hands take a beating. Not only are they overexposed to environmental damage from the sun, wind and cold (especially if you are an athlete), but they are submerged in water and exposed to soap and alcohol from hand sanitizers multiple times a day. The result of all this abuse is the brown spots, redness, and dryness that make your hands look and feel “crepey”. Furthermore, as we age, our hands lose fat and collagen which causes our veins to protrude.

Don’t neglect your hands and let them betray your age. Here are some of the measures and treatments I recommend to care for your hands:

  • Gloves are Key: One of the quickest ways to achieve younger looking hands is to protect them from the elements. When you’re washing dishes, wear rubber gloves. When you cycle, golf, garden, wear protective gloves as well and when you’re outside in the cold always wear mittens.
  • Slather on the Sunscreen: Many skin care lines make hand creams with SPF or just use your regular sunscreen. The important thing, especially if you wash your hands a lot, is to reapply often. I always think it’s a good idea to keep a sunscreen in your purse and your car.
  • Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize: The skin on your hands is thin and therefore loses moisture quickly. Soap and sanitizers further remove the natural oils from your hands. So, make sure to lather up with a rich, easily absorbed, non-greasy moisturizer in the morning and after you wash your hands.
  • Plump up with Fillers: I use both Juverderm and Restylane to restore volume and plumpness to the back of the hands. This treatment is painless, only takes a few minutes and requires no downtime. And the results are astonishing, immediate and will last for over one year.
  • Erase Brown Spots: Because your hands are so exposed to the sun, they’re often one of the first places where you’ll see brown spots. There are any number of ways to erase these, depending on their severity, including chemical peels, IPL laser treatments and Fraxel non-ablative resurfacing.
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