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CoolSculpting 101

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An Introductory Look at How CoolSculpting Works to Safely Eliminate Stubborn Fat

Due to genetics, our bodies often store stubborn, hard-to-burn subcutaneous fat in various unwanted spots. Some people can shed fat easily from their stomachs but not from their thighs. Others get stuck with double chins even though they’re well-toned everywhere else. And for individuals who make a point of eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and living an overall healthy lifestyle, not being able to get rid of stubborn fat in specific areas can be quite frustrating.

Now there is a solution enabling us to get rid of this stubborn fat easily and without surgery: Coolsculpting. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive cooling technology that specifically targets subcutaneous fat cells by freezing them. Once frozen, the fat cells die, get metabolized and are then eliminated permanently from our body.

So, if you have stubborn areas of subcutaneous fat that won’t go away, no matter how much you exercise and how well you eat, here are some key points you need to know about this safe and effective CoolSculpting treatment.

Treatment Areas

CoolSculpting can effectively treat stubborn fat cells in the following areas:

  • Under the chin—double chins;
  • Arms;
  • Underarm folds;
  • Chests for men with gynecomastia;
  • The abdomen/stomach;
  • Back;
  • Bra area;
  • Love handles and flanks;
  • Lower back around the waistline;
  • Thighs—both interior and exterior;
  • Knees; and
  • Buttocks fold

Frustrated by a double chin? Supplement your CoolSculpting treatment with Belkyra injections, which target submental fat deposits around the neck and chin.

How It Works

CoolSculpting targets fat cells beneath the skin, cooling them to a temperature that will cause them to freeze (crystallize) and eventually die. Because fat cells are more sensitive to cold than other cells and structures in our body, this procedure will not harm the surrounding nerves, skin, vessels or tissue, making it a very safe procedure.

In clinical studies, CoolSculpting reduced the number of fat cells in the treated areas by 20-24 percent. And once they’re dead, they’re gone for good. While a healthy diet and exercise reduce fat cells, they do not eliminate them completely like CoolSculpting will.

The Treatment

During a CoolSculpting session, expect to sit back and relax for about 33 to 45 minutes per treatment applicator. While you may experience some mild discomfort from the cold and vacuum pressure at first, this subsides within 8-10 minutes. You can then enjoy some time reading, watching TV, working on your tablet or iPad, or even take a nap should you wish to just relax. And with little or no recovery downtime, you can get on with your day afterward.


Depending on the time it takes for your body to metabolize the dead fat cells, you may start to notice results four weeks after treatment. Expect the treatment area to become smoother and more toned as time progresses. The most noticeable results will appear around two months after treatment, but your body will continue to eliminate the dead cells for the following four to six months.

One CoolSculpting treatment may be enough to eliminate the targeted fat. However, each person is different, so you may need more than one treatment depending on your goals and how well your body responds to the treatment.

This non-invasive fat-reducing treatment is safe, easy, and convenient, providing results that last without having to go under the knife. So, if you’re tired of unsuccessfully trying to burn off that fat that just won’t go away, call Dr. Tosoni at 613-244-5151 and book a consult with our trained and certified CoolSculpting specialist and start freezing away that stubborn fat for good.

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