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Pre-Winter Chemical Peels: The Best Sun Damage Treatment Option

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Examining the SkinMedica and SkinCeuticals Treatment Methods

The summer months are full of blissful weeks of sunbathing and vacations. However, even for the diligent sunscreen-wearers, the season can have a significant adverse impact on your skin. The hot temperatures and humidity can dry out your pores and cause your complexion to become visibly uneven. The constant sun exposure can also unveil early signs of aging and pose potential UV radiation dangers.

What Are the Ways to Treat Sun Damage?

While you can’t undo the sun damage on your skin cellular, you can certainly take measures to heal and prevent any future damage. Most people use different methods from using sunscreen, exfoliating, bleaching the brown spots, and staying hydrate to cope with the damage signs accrued throughout the summer season. However, these methods do not guarantee the ideal results of a youthful, radiating skin.

Here comes a more satisfying solution- using the post-summer chemical peels not only help repair skin damage but also inhibit damage accumulation, which if left untreated, might necessitate extra therapeutic treatment in the winter and fall months. The peel will brighten the skin by getting rid of those dead, darkened skin cells that hang around and cause the skin to look uneven.

What Do Chemical Peels Do?

There are various types of peels for different skins– Some for people with acne, hyperpigmentation (dark spots), clogging, and fine lines among others.  But typically, chemical peels are made to peel away the outer layer of the epidermis while dissolving the bonds that hold the dermis cells (deeper peel), and therefore expedites the exfoliation process.  The process will decongest the pores, hydrate the skin, strip off excess oils, enhance skin radiance and texture, and support healthy levels of collagen for a firmer skin.

Why Use Chemical Peels in Cooler Seasons and Not Summer?

Patients are recommended to apply chemical peels in cooler months and not the summer season due to:

Sun Exposure

The chemical peel procedure exfoliates the skin revealing a fresh skin layer that can be vulnerable to sun exposure. During summer, most people are bound to be exposed to direct sunlight. However, in cooler seasons (winter and fall), you can naturally avoid the sun and hence are more compliant with post-treatment care.

Natural Exfoliation

The skin natural exfoliation process is slow during the cooler months. That means the exposure of moisture-binding molecules in the dermis is also low. This gives the skin a dry appearance, which is ideal for chemical peel exfoliation process.

The Top 2 Chemical Face Peel Options:  SkinCeuticals Vs. SkinMedica Vitalize

With the changing trends in the facial medical aesthetic industry, chances are that you have heard or even tried chemical peels facial treatment. While there are different over-the-counter peels available, it is crucial to use certified products to achieve a refreshed, revitalized look. That’s what SkinCeuticals and SkinMedica Vitalize offers–a stunning, youthful skin texture and complexion.

The SkinCeuticals Procedure

SkinCeuticals peel contains 20% alpha-hydroxyl acid (AHA) and the non-toxic glycolic acid that exfoliate by improving the dull-looking, dry skin as well as wrinkles and fine lines. It might also contain the salicylic acid, which helps cellular turnover by stimulating collagen. Typically, salicylic is used for oily and acne prone skins.

During the peel, the specialist will first clean the skin and apply the chemical peel to the skin using a gentle swab, gauze, or brush. The peel is left on the skin for about 2 to 5 minutes, during which you might experience a mild tingling burning (the procedure is not painful). The chemical is then washed off and cool compresses can be applied to the skin. Also, a moisturizer, antioxidant, and sunscreen can be applied.

The SkinMedica Vitalize Procedure

The Vitalize Peel uses a strong but gentle formulation that combines a blend of Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA/lactic acid), 0.3% retinoic acid, resorcinol, and beta-hydroxy acid (salicylic acid). This safe combination prompts the skin to regenerate and therefore creates a thicker, fresh, healthier-looking epidermis. While it can repair years of skin damage in just minutes, SkinMedica Vitalize Peel gives ideal results when applied in a series of 3-6 peels at monthly intervals. During the treatment, the solution is applied directly to cleansed and well-toned skin. You might experience tingling sensations as the chemical solution is working. Typically, the session will take about 20 minutes after which the solution is neutralized and washed off.

The After-Treatment Instructions

SkinCeuticals and SkinMedica Vitalize are both zero or minimal –downtime procedures. Nevertheless, you may notice that after the peel, your skin is more red than usual or have a light yellowish hue that disappears after about two hours. The skin might feel tight and you might experience a very mild flaky skin for some days. To maintain the ideal results after the chemical peel, it is recommended that you take extra precautions including:

  • Use a daily sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 and avoid direct sun exposure (one month for the SkinCeuticals and 1 week for SkinMedica Vitalize)
  • Avoid strenuous exercises for 2-4 days since perspiration can irritate the skin
  • Do not pick any peel or spots off the flaky skin and instead apply a light moisturizer to relieve the dryness
  • When washing your face, use a gentle moisturizer and avoid scrubbing
  • Do not apply any other facial treatment for at least one week after the peel

Which Option Is Best for My Skin?

When determining the most appropriate peel for your skin, various aspects should be considered. That includes skin sensitivities, peel ingredients, the penetration potential of the peel, and any external influences over the after-treatment healing process.

Even so, it is recommended that you find a certified professional near you that offers chemical peel services that will provide the most effective results. Tosoni MD is designated as one of the best cosmetic clinics at the heart of the ByWard Market in Ottawa. Our first-rate chemical peels services are based on an emphasis of client-care and customized skin solutions to achieve the most glowing, youthful skin.

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