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What are ‘’Baby Botox’’ Treatments?

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Low-Dosage Botox Cosmetic Treatments for Stunning, Natural Results

The expression ‘’Baby Botox’’ has its origins in Hollywood, when famed director Martin Scorsese complained that, with the increasing popularity of Botox Cosmetic, too many actresses looked “frozen.” They weren’t able to convey emotions or nuanced expressions in the ways Scorsese needed them to.

When Botox Cosmetic was introduced, injectors and patients alike had one common goal in mind: to erase as many wrinkles as possible with its use; to stop or turn back the clock, so to speak. However, this end goal came at a cost. Many of these actors and actresses struggled with normal or in fact any facial expressions at all. They were indeed “frozen.”

Once it was clear that completely removing all dynamic muscle movements to create smoother skin or to maintain the preventative and anti-ageing effects of Botox was not necessary, Cosmetic physicians started offering “Baby Botox treatments. In a Baby Botox treatment, the physician uses the same Botulinum Toxin A (Botox®), the same dilution, the same technique, and the same injection points as in regular Botox treatments. The only difference is the amount of medication (or units of Botox) injected per area, which is far less in Baby Botox treatments. This results in a softer, more natural look.

Baby Botox treatments have grown significantly in popularity and I would say that nowadays, in my practice, there are many more patients who specifically ask for a Baby Botox treatment than there are who demand to a frozen look.

Who is Baby Botox For?

Baby Botox treatments are typically used by:

  • First-time users who might be nervous and only want to try a small dose to get a better feel of what Botox can do for them.
  • Younger Patients who do not need much, as their wrinkles are not yet marked and their facials muscles not as developed as more mature patients.
  • Prevention Seekers, whose objective is to delay and prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Natural Look Advocates who simply desire a refreshed look, fear looking artificial, or that anyone will notice they had something done;
  • Professionals such as actors, face models, kindergarten teachers, lawyers, etc., who are required to maintain their ability to make various facial expressions due to the nature of their work.

Baby Botox treatments are also commonly used for the more delicate areas of the face are such as:

  • The area under the lower eyelid to treat small, fines lines;
  • Bunny lines on either side of the nose;
  • The area right under the nose to either lift the tip of the nose or help with a gummy smile;
  • The lip border to evert the upper lip and to minimize fine lines; and
  • The chin to reduce the dimpling/orange peel look.

How Long Will Baby Botox Treatments Last?

A typical Botox treatment lasts, on average, 3.5 to 4 months. Baby Botox treatments wear off a bit quicker due to the lower dosage. Make sure you book a repeat treatment 2.5 to 3 months post-dosage, instead of the usual 4 months after the fact.

Botox treatments can be completely tailored to your specific needs and desired look. But before you go ahead with your treatment, make sure you have a clear and detailed conversation with your cosmetic physician. They’ll help you determine whether you want subtle results, more of a frozen look, or somewhere in between. This ensures your complete satisfcation with your investment and treatment results.

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