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Introducing the CoolSculpting® Advantage

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Get Rid of Your Stubborn Fat in Half the Time at TosoniMD!

Many of you have already experienced the incredible fat reducing benefits of CoolSculpting®. Since we introduced this treatment in our clinic, we have performed over 500 treatments. The results we have seen first-hand have been incredibly positive.

For those who have not yet experienced it or who have not yet heard about it, CoolSculpting® is a revolutionary non-invasive technology that allows us to eliminate stubborn subcutaneous fat through a process called Cryolipolysis. What this means is that CoolSculpting® destroys fat by exposing it to controlled cooling.

It works best in individuals who are 1 to 20 pounds above their ideal weight, already living an active lifestyle and eating healthy, but who struggle with stubborn fat on one of the following areas: double chin, upper arms, bra fat, love handles, abdomen, inner and outer thighs and knee bulges.

As with every technology, advancements occur and the same holds true for CoolScuplting®. In the past year alone, we have seen an improvement in the CoolSmooth applicator which is indicated for the treatment of outer thighs (saddle bags) such that the treatment time for this area was reduced by 45 minutes.

Next came the development of the CoolMini applicator which is indicated for the treatment of the dreaded double chin and can also be used for the axillary bulges or knee fat pockets. Even the CoolMini treatment time was reduced by 15 minutes later in the year and as such we can now reshape one’s profile in 45min or 90 minutes for Dual CoolMini sessions.

Now we are very excited to introduce the very latest CoolSculpting® advancement: the CoolAdvantage applicator. Unlike the original applicators which used parallel cooling plates, the CoolAdvantage applicator is shaped in the form of a cup, thus exposing 100% of the tissue treated to the controlled cooling. This contoured cupping:

  • Is more efficient;
  • Increases the tissue contact;
  • Covers more surface area with each treatment;
  • Requires less vacuum pressure which translate into more comfort during treatment; and
  • Results in less bruising.
More importantly, the CoolAdvantage applicator produces the same amazing results in close to half the time. Whereas each previous treatment was 1 hour in duration, the CoolAdvantage applicator allows us to treat the same area in 35 minutes. In clinical studies, 85% of patients treated with both the old and the new applicator preferred the CoolAdvantage.

In an effort to always offer the best service possible, TosoniMD is one of the first clinics in Ottawa to offer the CoolAdvantage Applicators for our clients.

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