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Double Chin Be Gone!

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How Belkyra™ Compares to CoolMini® Treatment

For far too long, patients with excess submental fat, commonly referred to as a double chin, had no other alternatives other than to live with it or have invasive procedures (surgery or liposuction) to redefine their jaw line. This is all in the past now as Health Canada recently approved two new non-surgical treatment options for this common cosmetic concern.

In October 2015, Canadians were introduced to the CoolMini®, the smallest applicator added to the family of CoolSculpting® which is specifically designed to eliminate excess fat under the chin. Then, in February 2016, Belkyra™ injectable medication was introduced to Canadians as a second non-surgical option to dissolve undesirable submental fat. These treatment options are now available at TosoniMD, one of the only clinics in Ottawa, Orleans, and Gatineau to offer both procedures to clients.

How do these two options work and compare? Why pick one over the other? These are very good questions so let me try to simplify this for you:


Belkyra™ (deoxycholic acid) is essentially a synthetic form of the bile in our stomach and works through a process called adipolipolysis. Adipolipolysis is a medical term that means removing fat by breaking down the fat cells. Once Belkyra™ “bursts” the fat cells, the triglycerides it contains along with the cell membranes get flushed away. Simple enough!

The best candidates for Belkyra™ treatments are patients with mild to moderate fat deposits, preferably located centrally under the chin as well as patients who have good skin tone and neck muscles that are not too prominent. Younger patients with taut skin and a small area to treat do particularly well with Belkyra™. Treatments take about 20 minutes.

There is some immediate post-injection discomfort and swelling in the days that follow treatment, but clients can resume their normal activities immediately after receiving injections. The average patient will require 2 treatment sessions, although some with larger areas will require up to 6. Each session costs, on average, $600 to $1,200. The results from each session take up to 8 weeks to be complete and are expected to be permanent.


CoolMini® is the latest attachment for the CoolSculpting® device. CoolSculpting® eliminates stubborn fat through cryolipolysis, literally freezing fat cells to eliminate them. The best candidates for the CoolMini® are patients with moderate to severe fat deposit under their chin.

In contrast to Belkyra™, which can only safely treat the excess fat midline under the chin, the CoolMini® is safe and can treat a wider and larger area of the neck. CoolMini® works best for patients with looser and more mature skin. One session takes roughly an hour and can eliminate up to 25% of the fat.

It is also an excellent alternative for those who dislike injections. Swelling and pain are minimal. The most common side effects from the CoolSculpting® under the chin are temporary post treatment numbness and occasional bruising. Most patients will need one or two CoolMini® treatments. The cost ranges from $800 – $1,200 per treatment. Final results are also seen at 8 weeks post treatment.

Still unsure of what to expect from both treatments? Take a look at the chart below for a better idea:

So, whether you have a little fat deposit under your chin or have a full double chin, there is no longer any reason why you can’t regain the defined jaw line you have always wanted. For some, the answer will be the CoolMini®; for others, Belkyra™ injections. In fact, a combination of the two procedures may be ideal in certain cases, starting with the CoolMini® and then refining with Belkyra™.

What’s important to remember is that the options are now here and available to us. If you are bothered by your chin profile and want to know how you could best address it, come in and talk to the experts at TosoniMD to determine the best treatment option.

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