BEAUTIPHICATION™: Proportion and Harmony through injections I would like to share with you my newly learned approach to non-surgical facial enhancement called BEAUTIPHICATION™. This is a concept that was developed by Dr. Arthur Swift, a plastic surgeon in Montreal and I am extremely privileged to have been offered to study […]

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Fraxel Laser Treatments: What are the Benefits?

Fraxel is a popular treatment amongst Ottawa patients at our practice and rightfully so. The treatment is a non-ablative method to resurface the skin, without taking off a full layer. So why consider treatment in the fall and winter months? Compared to ablative techniques such as dermabrasion and laser resurfacing, Fraxel […]

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What are the Different Lip Treatments Options?

Many women want a gorgeous, full pout, but are scared that lip treatments may give them an unwanted appearance of over-inflated or uneven lips. There is no excuse for any injector to give anyone the feared duck lips. Dermal fillers have evolved and are better than ever for lip enhancement. […]

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