Get Thicker, Darker Eyelashes You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Did you know that the eyes are the first on the list of facial features women want to emphasize? Lips and cheeks come second and third. A Canadian survey conducted by Leger Marketing (May 2011), showed that an overwhelming majority of Canadian women believe the eyes are the most important markers of beauty. 70% of women surveyed felt that big, bright eyes and long, full, dark eyelashes were the main facial features that defined a beautiful face.

It makes them feel more glamorous, sexy, attractive, and confident. It is no big surprise that women spend a lot of their hard-earned money each year on cosmetic products to add drama to their eyes. In fact, the eye beauty product category is the highest-ranked category in the retail market, accounting for 20% of all cosmetic sales. Studies also show that, despite spending more on numerous over-the-counter products, women do not feel they are getting the results they are looking for.

Those days are gone! What are some of the options available to enhance one’s lashes?

Several options exist to enhance one’s eyelashes. Traditional options are mascara, eyelash extensions or temporary eyelashes from the cosmetic counter. These are excellent choices for individuals who wish to have immediate results and often more dramatic results.

For those desiring a more subtle change, there are topical treatments such as Latisse, Rapid Lash and Eye Envy that offer patients a more gradual alternative. These claim to grow individuals own lashes longer, fuller and darker. We offer 1 of those topical options at our clinic: Latisse.

How it works:

Mascara is a temporary option, essentially coating the lash with a dark pigment that will last until it is washed off. Mascara comes in a variety of colours and thicknesses.

Eyelashes extensions are glued directly on your own lashes. They come in either mink, synthetic or silk. These usually last 2-4 weeks and require a regular visit for refills. Please note that it is important that you pick a lash technician with experience to avoid damaging your own lashes during the application and refill process. Anyone allergic to formaldehyde should advise their lash technician as many of the glue used for this service contains formaldehyde and may consequently create an allergy reaction.

Temporary lashes are recommended for one-time use as they are applied with glue over your natural lash line.

*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. Experience may vary from one individual to the other. Please consult with your physician as these treatments may not be suitable for your specific condition.

Over-the-counter non-prescription serums such as Eye Envy and Rapid Lash claim to stimulate the growth of the eyelash over several weeks. Topical solutions treat a condition called hypotrichosis, which is a condition where someone has very thin and short lashes. As a result of applying these serums, lashes typically become longer, fuller and darker.  These topical solutions are available over the counter.

Latisse is another option. It is a very safe, prescription-only product, that is suitable for most individuals. But because Latisse is on the Prescription Drug List of Health Canada, federal regulations restrict advertisements of this medication, and as such, we are very limited as to the amount of information and education we can provide to the public about Latisse on our website.

In fact, all we are only allowed to share with you publicly that we carry Latisse at our clinic. That Latisse comes in 2 formats, 3ml bottle and 5 ml bottle. That the cost of the 3ml Latisse is $125 and the cost of the 5ml Latisse is $215.

To find out more about Latisse in Ottawa, when Latisse was introduced in Canada, how Latisse works, how Latisse is applied, what Latisse does, what the benefits and possible side effects of Latisse are, how quickly the results are seen with Latisse, how long the results take with Latisse, how long the results last with Latisse, what happens when you stop using Latisse, who is the best candidate for Latisse, for all other details on this service, and to find out if you are a good candidate for it, please call our office directly at 613-244-5151 to consult with our physician or write to me directly at [email protected] and I will provide you with all the necessary information.

Start Your Treatment

A brief consultation is recommended with either Dr. Tosoni or one of her trained consultants before starting your eyelash growth treatment. During this visit, we will review your medical history as well as any contraindications to using any of our products or services. We will also review with you proper the application technique.