Photorejuvenation Treatments

Photorejuvenation  Treatments in Ottawa

IPL Therapy—also known as a Photo Facial and Photorejuvenation—is a non-invasive treatment where a broad spectrum of light is safely delivered to treat skin imperfections. Conditions this  treatment help treat include:

  • Rosacea
  • Broken facial capillaries
  • Diffuse redness
  • Fine lines
  • Dilated pores
  •  Brown discoloration from sun damage or hormonal changes

How Does It Work?

IPL treatments work by delivering intensely-concentrated light pulses to the deeper layers of the skin (the dermis), leaving the superficial aspects of the skin (the epidermis) untouched. The pulsed light is attracted to the browns and reds of the skin (known as chromophores), as well as the deeper collagen tissues.

When the laser goes into your skin, the heat from the light:

  • Vaporizes the browns, sloughing it off
  • Coagulates the reds, so it’s absorbed into your body
  • Thickens the collagen

Why Your Skin Type Matters

IPL treatments are safest on lighter skin types (types I, II, and III in the chart below). Skin type IV can also be treated with the guidance of an experienced physician.

When you book a consultation for your IPL treatment, Dr. Tosoni will personally asses your skin to come up with the best treatment plan.

Fitzpatrick Classification of Skin Types

Skin TypeColorCommon EthnicityCharacteristics
IWhiteIrish, Scottish, Celtic, or ScandinavianAlways burns, never tans
IIWhiteUsually burns, tans less than average
IIIWhiteSometimes mildly burns, tans about average
IVWhiteRarely burns, tans more than average
VBrownUsually HispanicRarely burns, tans profusely
VIBlackUsually AfricanNever burns, deeply pigmented

Is Photorejuvenation Right for Me?

Intense pulse light treatments are ideal if you’re experiencing the following concerns on your face, neck, and chest:

  • Rosacea, flushing, redness, ruddy complexion, broken capillaries, or spider veins on the face
  • Sun spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation, melisma, pregnancy mask, unwanted freckles
  • Chronic sun damage, photo-aged skin, dull skin
  • Fine lines and dilated pores

Because of its non-invasive nature, IPL or Photorejuvenation treatments are one of our most popular medical aesthetic procedures.

IPL Treatments should never be performed on tanned skin (naturally or artificially). Additionally, you should avoid exposing your skin to the sun immediately after your Photorejuvenation.

IPL/Photorejuvenation Treatment FAQ

How should I get ready for a treatment?

IPL treatments are non-invasive and are performed in our office. We will generally precede your IPL treatment with a microdermabrasion treatment, to increase the penetration of the light energy in the skin. This should lead to a more effective Photorejuvenation.

What happens during a treatment?

Before we begin a treatment, we make sure the skin is cleansed. Next, we apply a thin layer of cooling gel to the treatment area(s). The light energy is then delivered through a hand piece that is gently applied to your skin. The entire area is treated through a series of brief pulses.

How long does a treatment last?

A single treatment lasts around 30 minutes.

Does it hurt?

No. Photorejuvenation is a comfortable  procedure. Clients typically describe feeling a light snap during the pulses.

Dr. Tosoni will also direct cold air to the skin during your treatment, significantly relieving discomfort for most clients. Some clients choose to apply a topical anesthetic cream an hour prior to their treatment for additional comfort. However, most clients find this is an unnecessary step.

Will I need time to recover after a treatment?

IPL treatments are no-downtime procedures, so you can get back to your day immediately following a treatment. If you had to remove makeup for your treatment, makeup can be reapplied once the treatment is over. Following a treatment, we highly recommend you apply sunscreen daily.

Are there any side effects?

Some mild swelling may occur following a treatment, usually in the eye area. If you’re IPL treatment is to resolve brown discolorations, you may notice your brown spots are much darker immediately after a treatment. Don’t panic! This is normal, and it will resolve quickly.

In fact, brown spots are meant to rise to the surface so they can be scrubbed off the skin in the days following a treatment. This leaves you with a clear, refreshed look!

How many treatments do I need for results?

For optimal results, 3 – 6 sessions should be performed every 3 – 4 weeks. An individual treatment plan will be discussed during your consultations.

How many treatments are required to maintain my results?

Maintenance plans will vary, but if you maintain a good skin care regime, a single IPL treatment is recommended every 4 months to keep your skin looking vital, refreshed, radiant, and bright!

*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. Experience may vary from one individual to the other. Please consult with your physician as these treatments may not be suitable for your specific condition.

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