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We are now offering
Stem Cell Microneedling:

The latest innovation in skin care rejuvenation.

Come experience what everyone is talking about.  We combine our microneedling treatments with Stem Cell Growth Factor Serum from AnteAGE MD. AnteAGE MD contains the highest concentration of cytokines.

Benefits of Microneedling are:
  • Reduction in the appearance of of fine lines,
  • Reduction in the appearance of deeper wrinkles,
  • Reduction in the appearance of acne scars,
  • Improved skin tone,
  • Glowing and younger looking skin.

Introductory Cost : $400/session

From September 12th until October 31st

Buy 3 – Save $10%. | Buy 6 – save 15%

Check out this Microneedling video performed at TosoniMD

Don’t miss out! Call now and book your Microneedling with Candace – CALL 613.706.4178

Discover AnteAGE MD.

Currently ONLY found at TosoniMD in Ottawa!

This unique skin care system contains bone marrow stem cell derived from cytokines along with 21 scientifically proven anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and pro-healing ingredients.

Extremely simple to use.

Only 2 steps am/pm. Perfect for anyone looking for a simple and effective anti-aging skin care system.

Regular cost for the System: $365 | NOW 10% OFF: $328.50

SAVE AN ADDITIONAL $30 when doing Microneedling

AnteAGE MD System $298.50

  • Reduces fines lines
  • Calms redness
  • Reduces pore sizes,
  • Produces a glowing and more youthful looking skin.

Any doubt on how wonderful this skin care system is, feel free to call the office and talk to Catherine. She will tell you, this IS her NEW FAVOURITE skin care regime 🙂 And look at her skin when you are next in. It Glows!