Non-Surgical Reshaping of the Lower Face with Botox® in Ottawa

Most patients know of the applications of Botox® Cosmetic in the upper third of the face: the softening of fine lines and treatment of dynamic wrinkles for the frown lines; the crow’s feet; and the forehead lines. Fewer patients are aware that Botox® Cosmetic can also be used in the lower third of the face for facial contouring.

These indications are more recent and should only be done by highly trained physicians such as Dr. Caroline Tosoni, who has had specific training in these advanced injections techniques.

Botox Cosmetic® can be used:

  • In the borders of the upper lip and lower lip to reduce the appearance of the fine lines (also known as “smoker’s lines” or “bar code lines”), often causing the lipstick to bleed.
  • In the side muscles (known as DAO) that pull the mouth downwards, creating a sad look. By injecting very small dose of Botox® Cosmetic in these muscles, the corners of the mouth take an upward turn, making patients look happier and more positive.
  • In the chin to reduce the appearance of orange skin that can occur with aging and stronger chin muscles.
  • In the platysma muscles that run on both sides of your neck. As we age, the platysma muscles become stronger and over time pull down on the cheeks and jowls. This results in a loss of sharpness in the lower jaw contouring as well as an accentuated downward turn of the corners of the mouth. We can correct this and create a mini-lifting effect with proper injection technique and placement, providing a Nefertiti Lift.

  • In the masseter muscles to aesthetically reduce their bulk. A strong jawline is great in men as it makes the face more angular, wider, and squarer, but most women desire a slimmer and more feminine face for themselves. By injecting a small dose of Botox® Cosmetic directly in the masseter muscles, we can transform a square-shaped face into a more oval shape.
  • In addition to the aesthetic benefits of reshaping the lower face, injection of Botox Cosmetic in the masseter muscles will, by default, accentuate cheek prominence, creating an even more youthful look.
  • Another benefit of injections in the masseter muscles is that they provide clinical relief of bruxism or excessive clenching of the jaw during sleep, which often results in morning headaches and teeth enamel damage.

These procedures are associated with high levels of patient satisfaction and carry minimal side effects when they are performed by an experienced physician injector such as Dr. Tosoni. Her in-depth understanding of the facial muscular anatomy and dynamic nature of each facial muscle allow her to offer these treatments at her clinic in Ottawa.

*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. Experience may vary from one individual to the other. Please consult with your physician as these treatments may not be suitable for your specific condition.

Your Treatment Options

If you feel you may be a candidate for one or several of the above treatments to non-surgically reshape your lower face and/or jawline and would like more information, or want to book an appointment with Dr. Caroline Tosoni, please contact us at 613.244.5151.

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