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Due to legal restrictions mandated by Health Canada regarding the advertising of prescription drugs such as Botox, Latisse, and Belkyra on the web, I am unable to disclose details about these products.

In order to comply with the legislative and regulatory advertising provisions and relevant Health Canada guidance documents on advertising, I have hidden this page from the public.

I have been a practising Medical Physician since 1998 and a Cosmetic Physician since 2000 and I firmly believe in the importance of transparency and education. Therefore, despite the necessary changes made to my website, I will always keep my visitors and patients informed. I will continue to educate others by providing truthful, honest, and clear information with integrity and professionalism.

If you wish to know more about Botox Cosmetic treatments, Botox Therapeutic treatments, Latisse, or Belkyra, please contact me directly through the contact feature below.

Dr. Caroline Tosoni

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