Ease Lines and Wrinkles While Restoring Youthful, Natural Beauty

Botox® Cosmetic is a purified protein that blocks the action of Acetylcholine, a chemical in our body that makes muscles contract. By opposing this action, Botox® Cosmetic prevents this contraction and temporarily relaxes targeted muscles and the effacement of the lines and wrinkles caused by their movement and use. It’s that simple!

Common Treatment Areas

Botox® Cosmetic was first introduced as a treatment for dynamic wrinkles, which are created over time by repeated facial movements and expressions. Botox® Cosmetic has less of an impact on static wrinkles, commonly caused by external factors such as sun damage.

Botox® Cosmetic
Botox® Cosmetic is most frequently used to treat:

  • Crow’s feet and lines around the eyes, caused by repeated squinting or smiling
  • The horizontal lines across the forehead caused by raising the eyebrows
  • The frown lines and folding of the skin between the eyebrows, often called Number 11 lines

Botox® Cosmetic can be used in several other beneficial areas, including:

  • The corners of the brows
  • The very fine lines under the lower eyelids
  • The lines on the sides of the nose, sometimes called “Bunny Lines”
  • Fine lines around the lips and the space above to reduce a gummy smile
  • Below the corners of the mouth to reduce the downward turn of the lips
  • The chin to reduce the dimpling effect that occurs with age

Reshaping the Face and Neck

Although Botox® Cosmetic is best known for smoothing dynamic wrinkles and expression lines, experienced injectors like Dr. Tosoni also use Botox® Cosmetic to shape their client’s facial features. Dr. Tosoni can feminize a face by injecting units at a precise point in the brows to both lift the tail of the eyebrows and to gently open the eyes.

Botox® Cosmetic can reshape strong jaws due to overdeveloped masseter muscles. By injecting the appropriate dose in each masseter, Dr. Tosoni can treat strong jaws in her clients. This simple treatment accentuates the prominence of the cheek bones and give the impression of weight loss in the face.

This treatment also creates a more defined jaw or neck angle with injections at precise points along the jaw line by reducing the tension of targeted muscles in the neck and jaw, giving a defined, sharp, and youthful neck angle. This is known as a Nefertiti Neck Lift, in reference to the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, who was renowned for her beauty.

Treating Aging Skin

Botox® treatments have a direct anti-aging effect on the skin. We know that Botox Cosmetic® diminishes the appearance of fine lines and the strength of the muscles treated, resulting in more relaxed dynamic wrinkles.

Patients who follow the recommended treatment interval of 4 months for many years will attest that the skin around the treated areas has also taken on a more youthful overall appearance. The preventative anti-aging effects of Botox® Cosmetic are well documented in comparative studies that show that regular treatment does have a significant anti-aging effect on the skin.

Lipsline Before & After
Crowsfeet Before & After
Forehead Before & After
Frownlines Before & After
Browlift Before & After

*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. Experience may vary from one individual to the other. Please consult with your physician as these treatments may not be suitable for your specific condition.

Botox® Treatment at Tosoni MD

Botox® is a prescription drug approved for cosmetic and medical use by the FDA and Health Canada’s Health Protection Branch. Treatment is safe when administered by licensed, qualified, and knowledgeable physicians, and often takes no more than 10 minutes. Following a detailed consultation, Dr. Tosoni will recommend a treatment plan based on the outcomes you desire, your facial structure, medical history, and her informed medical opinion.

Dr. Tosoni performs all injections herself, and never delegates this task. You get the full benefit of her knowledge and experience at every step of your treatment.

Botox treatments are completely customized to each patient; therefore, the price of treatments will vary from one patient to the next. There is a minimum charge of $250 per Botox treatment visit. Pricing ranges from $10-12 per unit.

With experienced and trained hands conducting the injections, treatment is always painless. In fact, many patients remark on how comfortable their Botox® treatment is.

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